Odd Bodyweight Exercise that Everyone Should Do

This is my friend Adam Steer,  he’s a fellow Canuck and all round cool guy (as expected, since he’s Canadian and all 😉 He’s into body weight training and has written a cool post for us today.

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In the past, bodyweight training has often been an afterthought for a lot of people. But it looks like that’s starting to change. The latest version of the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual worldwide survey of fitness trends, bodyweight training finished 3rd in it’s very first appearance on the trends list.

I can’t say I’m surprised though. I’ve been singing the praises of bodyweight training for years. But not just any old style of bodyweight exercise.

If someone asked me what my favorite equipment-free move is, I’d start by explaining that it would NOT be one of the usual suspects—you know, stuff like push ups, sit ups, crunches, lunges. The ones you’ve probably heard of and seen a thousand times before.

They’re all great moves, but they don’t use the FULL potential of bodyweight training.

So if I had to pick a favorite bodyweight move, it’d be an exercise that incorporates the most essential strengths of this powerful training modality: coordination, timing and range of motion.

These are all key attributes that typical gym exercises like the bench press just can’t give you to the same degree.

You get a bit closer to them with a movement like the push up, because you have to add a lot more core stabilization to do it right.

But if you want to take your bodyweight game to an entirely new level, try STINGER PUSH UPS:

Here’s how to do the exercise…

Begin on all fours, with your weight evenly distributed between your hands and feet. Keep your shoulders pulled down away from your ears, and maintain a straight line from crown to heels.

Lift one foot off the ground and drive it across your body underneath. The leg does not have to reach full extension. Turn your head to face the same direction as you lower your chest to the mat and then press back up. Return the leg to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

The Stinger Push Up is a great example of how you can use bodyweight training to add timing, coordination and deeper ranges of motion to link your strength and conditioning into real world movement patterns.

And that’s what allows you to transfer the results of your training to sport, leisure and everyday life. Your training isn’t just for looks anymore. It also boosts your performance and helps you avoid injury.

Give the Stinger Push Up a try.

Adam Steer


You can find out more about the stinger push up and other cool bodyweight moves from my friend Adam, HERE