Pull Up Box Jump Challenge

Saying good bye is tough.

I sent my Dad off yesterday morning in -25C weather. He had an 8 hour drive home to BC, but I think I thoroughly tired him out.

Thanks to my good ole pops, my kitchen is looking pretty good if I do say so myself:

challenge workouts

Waiting on the counter top, sink and back splash and it’s done. (Now if I could only learn to cook…;)

I have to say I’m pretty tired of men in my  house (except my dad!). It’s been organized confusion for two weeks, record time for a kitchen reno so I have  nothing to complain about.

Aren’t you sick of me talking about it? Anyone who’s done any reno work, knows how disruptive it can be….

But even with the confusion, I got my workouts in.

More Torture

Pull ups and box jumps, a deadly combination.

You can check out the workout that I did with these two beauties here:

Here’s the workout in a nutshell:

10 pull ups…20 box jumps
9 pull ups…18 box jumps
8 pull ups…16 box jumps
(continue this pattern…)
1 pull up…2 box jumps

You can’t do 55 pull ups? (This is how many pull ups there is in this workout.)

No problem, you can do assisted pull ups. The band is a great alternative to the unassisted pull up. It gives you the boost you need at the bottom of the movement so that you can work the negative on the way down. The lowering or negative phase of the movement is the strengthening phase anyway. It causes muscle soreness as well, so be prepared for some sore lats after this one.

The box jump is a fun little move. You can determine the height of the box for you jump, obviously the higher the box, the more challenging. I suggest stepping off the box versus jumping down, there’s little to be gained from jumping down except a possible impact injury. Remember to land softly on your heels with each jump.

If you need more than just a band to ‘boost’ your pull up power and want a comprehensive program, you’ll love my Challenge Workouts Pull up program. Check out this link to see if it’s right for you.