Should You Get Home Workout Revolution?

Are you too busy to get to the gym?

Do you lack motivation and direction with your workouts?

Would you like someone to spoon feed you fat burning, challenging workouts that are quick and require no equipment? Workouts that you can do at home or in a hotel room, at the in-laws or where ever you find yourself?

Well, if you answered YES to the above questions, you MAY want to consider my mentor, Craig Ballantyne’s new program. It’s all follow along videos done in real time so that you can train along side Craig and my pals Mike Whitfield and Brian Kalakay.

challenge workouts


  • But if you’re afraid of a little sweat, it’s not for you.
  • If you want to train for an hour or more instead of 20 minutes or less to get better results, don’t get this program.
  • If you want to ignore the latest research from the prestigious Mayo Clinic that states too much endurance (cardio) can be have potential harmful effects to your health, this is not for you.
  • If you don’t care about documented overuse injuries that are the result of repetitive, long workouts, then pass this by.
  • If you prefer to do the same thing and get no return as far as fitness and fat loss goes, then do nothing.

But if you ever need a workout to be done in the comfort of your own home or hotel room that will have you sweating and melting fat, that is, a plan from a world renowned trainer that’s been writing for Men’s Health for over 10 years, then you’ll want to pay attention.

The author, Craig Ballantyne, is my mentor and friend. Craig Ballantyne

He only produces the best programs and they are all research based.

Don’t be fooled, even though you’ll be training at home, you’ll probably train harder than you ever have before. No matter if you’re a beginner (there’s specific workouts for you) or if you’re advanced, you’ll be shown ways to modify and intensify these workouts as you sweat along with Craig, Mike and Brian.

You’ll even do some of my challenge workouts in the program.

Take a look at some of the videos you’ll get:

  • Beginner Workouts
  • Ladder Workouts
  • Density Circuits
  • Bootcamp Circuits
  • Bodyweight and Ab Supersets
  • Metabolic Finishers
  • Challenges <=== Guess who created these? (Hint: me ;))

and much, much more…

This one is a keeper.

Check out all the research that’s been put into it’s development on this page HERE.

You can probably guess my bias on this one.

Check out TT Home Revolution and make the call for yourself.