Warrior Abs Workout Video

Are you tired of your ab routine? Want washboard abs, but what you’re doing isn’t working?

My friend Tyler is great at creating movement progressions and now he’s done it for an ab program.

Since Tyler is hellbent on spreading the word of his unique PM3 Method he wants nothing more then to share his training philosophy with you, he sent me a video of a special workout that you can try out today to give you an idea of his workouts.

And because Tyler and I are pals, he made us a special challenge here:

These are just a few ideas of what Tyler has to offer in his latest program.

Click HERE to take a look.

challenge workouts


What makes these workouts so different from other ab training programs?

Well, Tyler says that if you don’t train your abs to look good, they won’t look good.

Here’s what he said to me…

“Most people train their abs like a long distance runner. They start with 50 reps and continue adding and adding until they end up doing hundreds if not thousands of reps of basic exercises. Essentially they train like a marathoner.”

Tyler went on to explain the key difference between the philosophy he just talked about “The Marathoner Philosophy” and his philosophy which he calls the PM3 Method which almost guarantees you end up with abs… Here’s his secret…

==> To Check Out Tyler’s Ab Training Program CLICK HERE 

“How I train people is by focusing on the 3 key elements that gymnasts and high level athletic trainers use to ensure you build awesome abs that look as good as they perform. The style of training that I use can be thought of as the sprinter to the above-mentioned marathoner. By emphasizing strength, power, coordination and dynamic flexibility, you end up sprinting your way to awesome abs.”

This is the key to effective and lasting ab training that actually works. Just think about the different physiques of the sprinter vs. the marathoner. One focuses on strength while the other focuses on distance.

challenge workouts
Who would you rather look like?

One builds massive more lean muscle while the other burns muscle up and only spares enough to run their distance.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s right. If you think you will  build seriously awesome abs by doing nothing but higher and higher reps then think again. Tyler’s PM3 Method is a solid philosophy that makes sense to me. How about you?

Grab his program HERE.