Abs Four Sure Ab Finisher

I spent the weekend in Miami with a bunch of cool friends, including Mr Finisher, Mike Whitfield.

We got asked to leave from a few places…not for being drunk and disorderly or anything, but we do some weird things…

pull up exercises

I was going to try to demonstrate how to do a partner assisted pull up here, but as you can tell, it just didn’t work out 😉

When Mike isn’t busting me up with his silly jokes and funny faces, he has some great ab moves.

He has a great ab finisher for us in this video:

It’s pretty miserable, and I only did the round three times. The good news is that it’s a fast and nasty way to hit the abs while getting you all hot and sweaty. (No that wasn’t just the Miami sun beating down on us that brought on the sweat.)

If you like this finisher, well, let me re-phase that: if you love to hate this sort of thing,  the kind of workout finisher that will tone and tighten your abs while burning fat and get you into great shape, then click HERE before midnight tonight to get 33 Ab Finishers for only $7.

challenge workouts

If you miss the deadline, you miss the deal.

Then again, if you want to just stick with crunches and the treadmill for hours at a time and like your saggy flabby abs, do nothing and you’ll be assured of no results 😉