Abs Four Sure Ab Finisher

I was recently in Miami with some cool fitness pros. One of my best friends is Mr. Finisher, Mike Whitfield.

As you can see, we get up to no good together…

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When he’s not busting me up with his shenanigans and silliness, he’s really got some great workout ideas he shares with me.

In this video we do what he calls ‘Abs Four Sure’

This is a great way to end your workout. You’ll tax your core and get a sweat going all at once for a fat melting and waist whittling mini workout.

You’ll do 4 spiderman push ups, 4 cross body mountain climbers and then rest 4 seconds. You’ll do this set up to 8 times.

If you like this little ab finisher, you’ll love his Ab Finisher program. You can get 33 finishers HERE.

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Then again, if you like  saggy flabby abs, then stay on the treadmill and do more crunches and you’ll be sure to keep them forever 😉