To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

I regularly get many questions about doing a ‘cleanse’ and so I put these questions to my friend, Yuri. He’s a holistic nutritionist and he’s my ‘go to’ for this sort of thing.

Even if you don’t want to do a cleanse, here are 3 toxic foods to avoid.

Here’s a video of Yuri discussing the why’s/why not’s of doing a cleanse:


Here’s a summary of what he has to say:

Why Cleanse?
We’re exposed to toxins every day in food, air, cleaning products etc.

A cleanse helps de-stress the vital organs like digestive system and liver as well as provide supportive nutrients that are the building blocks of health.

You need healthy bowel movements daily or else it’s like not taking out the trash. A cleanse is a way to clean out the digestive system.

Losing weight, better skin, better overall mood will result from a cleanse.

New Year’s is a great start since it’s a fresh start of the year.

Do I need to buy supplements?

No pills or potions are needed for a healthy cleanse. A food based cleanse is the best way to do a cleanse since it teaches you healthy eating.

How often should I cleanse?

Once a year is a good plan. Use the momentum of the New Year and motivation to do your cleanse in January.

Is eating healthy and organic foods enough?

This is a great start. It’s especially good to eat the ‘dirty dozen’ from organic foods, however toxins enter our bodies through other systems than the digestive system. So it’s a great idea to do a cleanse once a year.

What can I expect from a cleanse?

Most people will lose weight. If weight loss is not a goal, then make sure to eat a little more. Reduced cravings, especially sugar cravings will result from a cleanse. You’ll have more energy and better sleep. Mental clarity is a great benefit that most don’t expect. Skin will improve, blood sugar levels will stabilize.

Will I feel like death?  cleanse

Some people feel horrible for the first day since they’ll be in a detox situation. These are the people that are very toxic and typically eat a lot of sugar, processed foods and/or caffeine.

What should I consider before and after a cleanse?

Go into your cleanse with a positive attitude, but know that there may be a few days of adjustment. Be realistic. You can get support, seek it out and know that this is a temporary nutrition plan.

Can I exercise during the cleanse?

Of course exercise is healthy and even recommended. Sweat helps you rid the body of toxins.

If you’re interested in doing a cleanse, I highly recommend doing Yuri’s Total Wellness Cleanse.

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