Metabolic (video) Mayhem

Friends do things for friends, even if they don’t want too…

I didn’t understand Ben’s reluctance when I asked him to do a video of one of his workouts for me. I do videos all the time and so do several of my other fitness friends…how was I to know that Ben just ‘didn’t do’ video?

He’s an amazing sport with a great sense of humor. You’ll love his first attempt at video, (make sure you watch to the end when his cameraman gets bored). The thing I like best about Ben is he’s so real. He’s got a great program that helped him lose OVER 100 LBS and he wants to help people just like him.

Now you may not have that kind of weight to lose (or maybe you do), but either way, this is a solid workout, even if it’s not a lesson in video-graphy (those of you with children will appreciate Ben’s resourcefulness 😉 )

Check out Ben’s program and $7 offer HERE

The Epic of the Epic Video…by Ben Teal

When Shawna asked if I would make a video for you guys, I broke out in a cold sweat. I’m more than a little camera shy. After trying to avoid Shawna for a few days, I finally gave in. For those that don’t know, she’s pretty relentless.

So, I decided to shoot a quick 4-minute workout before I took off for vacation to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

I’ve never really done anything like this, so I’m a complete rookie. I threw my camera up on the tripod and went at it.

At 3AM (four hours before I’m supposed to take off for vacation), I sat down to edit the video.

And there I was. No head. No sound. I hit delete and went to bed for a two hour nap.

A day after we landed in Waikiki, I decided to reshoot, this time with a camera man. I searched high and low… okay, so I didn’t search at all. I had a willing volunteer in my 5-year old, Cameron.

As I was doing the workout, I noticed that Cameron was holding the camera at about a 45-degree angle, and that as I was doing my bodyweight squats and burpees, that he tended to follow me with the camera.

“This should be an interesting”, I thought as, in a temporary bout of insanity I decided to add a push-up and jump to my first few burpees.

Then, in the middle of the last set of burpees, there was aparantly a scheduled work action and Cameron the Cameraman went on strike.

Yesterday, I once again sat down to edit the video. No USB cable to connect it to my laptop.

So I went to the closest electronics store. Nothing.

Apple Store. Nothing.

Finally, at the Alamoana Mall Radio Shack, there it was. The ultimate USB cable.

So after a busy birthday morning (yep, it’s my birthday!) of editing (Hawaii time)… Cameron and I hope you enjoy our very first workout video!

Here’s the actual workout:

challenge workouts


Grab Ben’s program for only $7 HERE.

(But only till December 30th)

It’s full of fun workouts like this one.

Then, the ‘real’ challenge: go find a 5 year old and ask them to video tape you doing a workout. (Kudos to Ben and Cameron-the cameraman for their first attempt at a video together!)