Up ‘N Down Hotel Gym Travel Workout

I do a far amount of traveling to various conferences and meetings with other fit pros. I like to stay on top of things and meet with all the industry leaders so I can help you as best I can.

Whenever I travel, I always take this little bag of goodies with me…

challenge travel workouts

Inside, you’ll find, a jump rope, my straps (at least 100 years old, tried and true), a gymboss timer, gum, elastics and a hair clip (I hate doing burpee pull ups when my hair is in my eyes and I can’t see the bar I’m trying to grab).

challenge travel workouts

I carry this in my backpack, so even if I’m stuck some where, I can bust out a workout, (like in the airport here).

Honestly, this sort of workout isn’t my favorite one to have, but to ease boredom and ensure I get something done, I’ve resorted to this sort of thing on occasion.

Now if you have the ‘luxury’ of a hotel gym, here’s a good one. I never plan on much quality gym equipment in a hotel gym to avoid disappointment.

You’ll do 10 reps each of burpees, renegade rows, mountain climbers, reverse lunges (stiff legged dead lifts if your knees are unhappy), squats, decline push ups and finish the set with 50-100 jumps with your rope.

You’ll do 5 rounds, or you can do it AMRAP style and get as many sets as possible in a certain time limit.

If you find yourself traveling or in a hotel gym wondering what to do, my advice is to stay off the treadmill!

I have 20 workouts for you HERE for only $7 (till Friday, Dec 21st, sort of a little Christmas gift ;))

challenge workouts