Hotel Gym Workout

travel workouts

This is my bag of workout fun that I take with me on the road….

travel workoutsIn it you’ll find a jump rope, a gymboss timer, gum, my old haggard gym straps, hair elastics and a hair clip (I can’t stand hair on my face when I’m all sweaty ;))

Here’s a full body workout that you can do with a minimal amount of equipment. It includes burpees, renegade rows, mountain climbers, reverse lunges, squats, decline push ups and jump rope. Take a look and give it a try:


Do you find yourself in a hotel gym wondering what to do? Stay off the treadmill!

I have 20 workouts for you HERE and they’re only $19


female fat loss over forty travel workout

I wanted to keep the price super low over so it’s affordable for everyone over the holidays. There’s no excuse NOT to workout and at less than a buck a workout, anyone can afford this….