KB Bodyweight Challenge

I had the good fortune to meet Forest Vance. He’s a kettle bell guru. I am not. Forest has an interesting personal story about his journey into kettle bells. He was originally an athlete that found himself overweight and out of shape when he stopped playing football. He turned to kettle bells to lose over 60 lbs.

I asked him for a cool kettle bell and body weight challenge for us. He couldn’t have made it more simple, in terms of basic exercises that is. This is a great one!

Take a look:

Here’s the workout:

5 rounds of

  • 7 goblet squats
  • 14 KB swings
  • 14 push ups
  • 7 pull ups

Of course if the pull ups are a bit much for you,  swap them out for assisted pull ups, band pull ups, inverted rows or even DB rows.

Another way to tackle this workout is to set your clock and do this workout AMRAP style. Set your timer for 15 minutes and go to town repeating this set as many times as you can.

That is going to make you sweat!

If you liked this workout, you’ll love Forest’s program that he’s made 50% off for us. I know what you’re thinking: I can’t do this now! It’s the holidays coming up! All the more reason to get excited about training. Forest’s workouts are short and you can do most of them with bodyweight and one KB.

pull up challenge

Here’s what you’ll get:

 A tough, fun, efficient, effective, and complete 30 day workout based on Forest’s special kettlebell combo method.

 An outline and specific plan detailing EXACTLY what you need to do for the next 30 days to lose as much fat as humanly possible. He lays out a complete workout routine as well as an easy-to-follow and done-for-you meal plan.

 Instruction on how to perform the basic kettlebell moves – your form will be dialed in and you’ll be working out with 100% safe form! (Trust me, this helped since I’m just learning KB moves)

 Tips and tricks to beat your food cravings, plan your meals in advance, and eat well while eating out.

 Solutions to common kettlebell training problems – how to figure out what size KB to start with, how to scale up, how to prevent KB training injuries, what type of footwear to use, and much more …

It’s a great buy at $19.95

Grab it HERE before the price doubles. Get excited about a super fun and quick workout that you can do pretty much anywhere, in a minimal amount of time. There’s really no excuse NOT to workout with this guide.