Fitness Predictions for 2013

Fitness trends come and go.

I remember teaching ‘aerobics’ in the 80’s with my leg warmers and leotard. (Wow, maybe that’s still a trend, but I’m not part of it.)

2012 was an amazing year for fat loss and fitness. Millions of men and women shed body fat thanks to breakthroughs in metabolic training with programs like Metabolic Mayhem, Metabolic Finishers, and the Turbulence Training MRT programs.

If I had to identify THE trend of 2012, it would be the rise of short, intense workouts.

Nutrition trends also continued in the direction of focusing less on weight loss and more of fat loss. By focusing on hormones (leptin and insulin in particular) with calorie and carbohydrate cycling and intermittent fasting, the fitness industry is finally admitting that it’s more than the “deficit”.

So that was 2012.

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What does 2013 hold?

My friend, Ben Teal put together a report for you. You’re about to discover my top 3 predictions for 2013, as well as over 33 groundbreaking predictions and insights from top fat loss, fitness, nutrition and sports experts. You’ll be shocked to hear what they have to say about:

* The Rise of Bodyweight Routines
* The Return of Cardio
* How Online Is Changing the Industry (for Better and Worse)
* Quality versus Quantity in Your Workouts
* The Evolution of Function Training
* The Dirt on Adventure Races (Are They Buried?)
* The Fastest Growing Training Trend on the Planet

… and much, MUCH more!

Here’s a report for you, just click and ‘save as’ if you want to save the copy, which I know you will…


Take a look at 2013 Fitness Predictions from me and some of the leading fitness experts that I hang with…

What are YOUR fitness predictions for 2013? What are YOUR fitness goals? I’d love to hear them…the most thoughtful response will get my soon to be released Challenge Workouts: Travel Edition.