5 to 1 Workout

Are you a little timed strapped this holiday season? How about a quick bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere?

As you know, I’ve been known to do this sort of thing in the airport, here, here and here. But there’s no need for you to drive to the airport, just do this in your living room 😉

Or, if you happen to be traveling, then by all means, bust out a workout. Who cares who’s watching? Will you really ever see those people again? Even if they think you’re crazy, who cares? They’re actually all secretly jealous that you have the gumption to do a workout anywhere.

So here’s another quick workout for you. You’ll do it in AMRAP style, or ‘as many rounds as possible’. You can set your timer for the amount of workout time you have allotted. You can get a workout done in as little as 10 minutes, so don’t think that you have to do this for hours.

Here are the exercises:
• 5 skater lunge jumps (or steps for no impact)
• 4 push ups (modify if necessary)
• 3 renegade rows/arm (DB or bodyweight)
• 2 bicycle crunches/leg
• 1 burpee (or full body extension)

That’s it. Keep repeating the count down for as little as 8 minutes or as long as 15 if you have the time. Even with the longest workout time (15 min), once you do a bit of a warm up and cool down, you’ll be done a heart pounding, strength building, fat burning workout in less than 20 minutes.

Wow, you really have no excuse NOT to workout when you can get it done in such a short time.

I’ve got you covered with my Female Fat Over 40 Loss Travel workouts. I know many of you will be traveling or at least unable to do your regular routine, so I’ve got 20 ‘do anywhere’ workouts like this one HERE.

female fat loss over forty travel workout

Here’s the video run down to help you along: