Warrior Workout – Lower Body

My friend, Tyler Bramlett, you’ve seen him on my blog before here and here, has a cool lower body challenge for you. Check it out:

Here’s the challenge:

You’ll do three movements, the assisted pistol squat, the side lunge and the jump lunge.

Do each one for 2 minutes straight (one minute per leg on the pistol squats) and rest up to 2 minutes between sets.

The challenge is how many reps can you do?

Here’s a video to show how I used the TRX for my pistol squats…see my results below:

Now I’m arrogant and figured I didn’t need a full 2 minutes rest between sets, so I reduced it to one minute rest. Probably a mistake. Did I mention how much I hated Tyler in the middle of the jumping lunge set?

I did 27 pistol squats per leg, 58 total side lunges (bum to floor as best I could) and the killer was the jumping lunges…76 total. I had to stop at 30 and cuss at Tyler before continuing.

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