Your Ab Workout Today

You’ve heard me talk about core strength and how important it is to have a strong core.

But before you go and do hundreds of sit-ups I’m going to stop you.

I’ve recently been dabbling in Pilates, you may not know this but doing a simple sit up doesn’t target the deep transverse abdominals the way the Pilates system does. I’ve mentioned that I’m not a bit fan of Pilates in the past, but I’ve been joking about it. It’s darn hard work and I know how effective it is. My BFF, Sylvia has been teaching me some moves and dang, they sure are effective.

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This is Sylvia and me in Banff, it's not ALL work with us...


Sylvia, the creator of Body Weight Pilates just released her brand new system.  The system has over 53 different Body Weight exercises that targets the deepest layer of the abdominals for a stronger, sexier core.


female fat loss over 40

You met Sylvia on my blog here and here.

Body weight movements in Sylvia’s system incorporate the whole body to move together for balanced muscle definition.  You’ll be gaining flexibility in the tightest parts of the body: typically the hamstrings, low back and hip flexors.

The workouts are fun and don’t require any equipment or hours out of your day.  Easily plug in the exercises for a full body experience that will have you feeling every single muscle.

Here’s a core Pilates workout of today…


You can find out more about Sylvia’s system by heading over to…

===> Body Weight Pilates System

Now is the time to enhance and increase your physical performance and endurance.  When you have a strong foundation, which means your core, your body performs at its optimal level.

Sylvia is offering the entire system for 70%, pick up your copy before the sale is over and the price goes up…

You can find out more here:

===> Body Weight Pilates System