Airport Stir Crazy Workout

I’ve done it before, here and here, you knew I’d do it again.

I had a long day of travel and knew that I’d climb the walls if I didn’t do something.

travel workout

I was already at the end of my proverbial rope when I was faced with a long delay between flights.

travel workout

This was after one of the most interesting flights I’ve ever experienced. I really wish I could have filmed my experience because it defies words. I was seated next to a very interesting couple. I would find myself trapped in a discussion, well not so much a discussion as a verbal barrage of political science thrown at me. I didn’t put up a fight. In fact, I’m not well versed in politics and know best to keep my opinions to myself. Politics changed to personal health issues, sexual habits, food intake, parenting….wow, what didn’t I hear?

We parted ways and I went off to catch my connecting (delayed) flight.

Oh dear. I tried to think positively and busted out my laptop. I kept myself as busy as possible with a slow internet connection and a long ‘to do’ list.

My bum was numb though.

I had to move.

I always have my jump rope and gym boss. That would do.

Here’s what I concocted on the spot:

travel workout

I set my gym boss for 30 seconds of work with a 5 second transition. I alternated skipping with an upper and lower body exercise:


  • Skip
  • Squats
  • Skip
  • Decline push ups
  • Skip
  • Rev lunge
  • Skip
  • Push ups
  • Skip
  • One leg stiff legged dead lift
  • One leg stiff legged dead lift
  • Skip
  • Spider crawl
  • Skip
  • Pulsing plie squat
  • Skip
  • Hand stand

I had another forlorn delayed traveler sitting beside me who snapped the pics.

I was worried when security approached. My fear that my daughters prediction that I’d be escorted out of an airport eventually was coming true….no, as it turned out, they thought I needed to do another set. Apparently they felt their fitness was being improved by watching mine.

This was a great impromptu workout. Nothing grand, but it did the trick.

See how easy it is to use your bodyweight to get a little sweat on?

You don’t need a ton of super challenging exercises; you just need to be willing to do ANY exercise in a challenging situation.

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