Why You Should Train Like a Fighter….

Meet Chad Howse. Chad has a unique look on fitness. His site, dubbed, Be Legendary. Unconventional Tactics for Life, Fitness, & Work. gives his readers unique training and nutrition tips that set him apart from most fitness pro’s. I’ve asked him to share some of these tips with us, and, judging by the title of his article, we’re in for a treat.

Take it away Chad…

I split my training career into two parts.

1. Before I started boxing.

2. After.

The reason doesn’t lie in any exceptional training techniques I learned during my brief career. I actually became the head ‘out of the ring trainer’ at my gym, so I brought knowledge to them.

I showed them what reps, sets, and exercises we should be doing in preparation for a fight. What split we should use. What tempo we should train at.

What boxing gave me was much more powerful than any training technique, it has transformed how I work and how I train.

Boxing gave me a unique appreciation for pain.

I struggle with fitness literature that tells us that a goal reached is easy – or can be easy.

Pain is the measuring stick in training. A set doesn’t start on rep one, but when your muscles start experiencing pain and discomfort (in a good way). This is where your metabolism is spiked – creating greater fat loss. Pain is when lactic acid builds up in the muscle, raising human growth hormone levels – again, increasing fat loss – and when we create the microscopic tears that are repaired through proper recovery; thus, leading to muscle gains.

You can get average results without pain, but with pain, your gains – no matter what the goal – are taken to another level. Oddly enough, pain is your friend in the gym. Learn to love it and you’ll see your body transform before your eyes.

Boxing also taught me a lot about building muscle WHILE burning fat – a task that many deem impossible. Well, fighters need to experience this result. We try to pack as much muscle into our fighting weight as possible, with minimal bodyfat. With well over a hundred years of training and testing what works best, boxers have an edge over the rest of the fitness world. They know what works and what doesn’t. They’ve tried it all.

Today, I figured I’d take you in the gym with me and show you two workouts that we used with our boxing team, and I use today to stay in great shape.

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Workout Set-up

A1. A2. = Superset. Do both exercises back-to-back, with the rest period coming at the end of the set. Repeat for however many sets are shown.

B1. B2. B3. = Giant Set. Do all 3 exercises back-to-back with the rest period coming at the end of the set. Repeat for however many sets are shown.

C1.C2.C3.C4. = Quad Set. Perform all 4 exercises back-to-back with the rest period coming at the end of the set. Repeat for however many sets are shown.

Workout #1 – Lower Body Dominated

Warm-up: 10 minutes of skipping

Superset #1

A1. Hack Squat – Reps: 8,6,4,6,8

A2. Dumbbell Snatch – Reps: 8,6,4,6,8

Rest: 60 seconds

Giant Set #2

B1. Deadlifts – Reps: 10,10,10

B2. Weighted Box Jump – Reps: 8,8,8

B3. Box Jumps – Reps: 6,6,6

Rest: 45 seconds

Superset #3

C1. Quarter Squat – Reps: 15,20,25

C2. Squat Jumps – Reps: 15,15,15


Decline Weighted Sit-ups – Reps: 15,15,15

Roll-outs – Reps: 15,15,15

Workout #2 – Upper Body Dominated

Warm-up: 10 minutes of skipping

Superset #1

A1. Lumberjack Press: 14,14,14

A2. Bent-over Row – 12,12,12

Rest: 60 seconds

Giant Set #2

B1. Pull-ups – Reps: 10,10,10

B2. Walking Push-Ups – Reps: 10,10,10

B3. Alternating Med-Ball Push-ups – Reps: 10,10,10

Rest: 45 seconds

Quad Set #3

C1. Dips – failure x 3

C2. Inverted Row – failure x 3

C3. Power Curl – Reps: 6,6,6

C4. Power Row – 6,6,6

Rest: 45 seconds

Burnout Set:

1 Set of 30 barbell punches

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Chad Howse, author of the PowerHowse Challenge and founder of Chad Howse Fitness, is a former skinny guy and amateur boxer. Chad created his company to help men become their own hero.