Pull Up Squat Up Burpee Up

pull up workout

I came across a great challenge in Men’s Fitness Magazine. It was developed by Jay Cardiello. I think it’s well worth it to share it with you and give you the challenge to do this challenge described below. It’s really 8 minutes of hell.

After I saw this challenge I knew that I had to do it, I also had a sinking feeling in my stomach because I also knew that I’d be in the barf zone mighty soon with this one. Funny how I know how a challenge is going to push me to the edge and I still do it. (Maybe I need some counseling or something for that…)

I thought it best to get up and get it over with. I planned my strategy and got to it. How bad could it be? It was only 8 minutes….

This is it:

Pull-Up Mayhem Fitness Challenge

TEST ONE: Pull-ups

MISSION: Perform as many pull ups as you can in 2 minutes.

Coaching Tip: Use as strict form as possible, chin over the bar, full hang extension each rep.


TEST TWO: Squat-Ups

MISSION: Perform as many squat-ups as you can in 2 minutes.

Coaching Tip: Begin in a full squat position. Explode off of the ground, jumping high enough to grab onto the bar. Use your momentum to pull yourself over the bar and perform a pull-up.  Retract and repeat as many times as possible.


TEST THREE: Burpee-Ups

MISSION: Perform as many burpee-ups as you can in 2 minutes.

Coaching Tip: Begin by performing a standard burpee (minus the push up) As soon as you jump to your feet, explode off of the ground and perform a pull-up. Descend back towards the floor and repeat.


Here’s the video: (I decided to film the rest times too so you’d see that the whole challenge with the introduction actually takes a little over 9 minutes):

Here are the results:

2 min of pull ups: 30 (I paced myself knowing that I had 6 minute total of pull ups coming up, I tried to keep my form top notch although I know I had a few ugly reps at the end.)

2 min of squat ups: 23

2 min of burpee ups: 17 (This was almost followed by 2 minutes of throw ups…)

70 pull ups in 8 minutes

I’m okay with that. Want to give it a try? Go ahead and demolish my scores and post them below…;)

PS. Get better pull ups here.