Challenge Warm Up

We all know that getting strong is a good thing, right? You gain confidence, build lean muscle, your metabolism goes up etc. Being strong is obviously a good thing for everyone.

And we also know that being flexible is EXTREMELY important, right? You reduce the chance of getting injured, your joints feel better, you move around easier etc. It’s obviously a good idea to be flexible.

The problem is, most people are training for one or the other and not thinking about how to train for both at the same time.

The warm up program I have been telling you about over the last few days does one of the best jobs at addressing both at the same time. Let me explain…

You see, if all you do is stretch, then you will be flexible, but weak and if all you do is workout, then you will be strong but tight.

Then there are the people who spend a tremendous amount of time doing both. They workout every day and they stretch hours a week and they may be able to get stronger and more flexible but at what cost? I don’t have the time to waste, do you?

So how do you become strong and flexible without spending hours and hours a week?

The secret as Tyler puts it lies in your ability to properly use his movement progression method to increase not only the flexibility challenge of a particular exercise but also the difficulty (i.e. strength).

The idea behind the movement progression method is that as you progress in your flexibility… Components of strength, balance and coordination need to be introduced in a progressive manner.

You can read more about Tyler’s movement progressions here and here.

Why should you care about an efficient way to boost strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and coordination?


By building these 5 things up, you will reduce your chance of getting injured and perform better in your workouts, which means more lean muscle, better cardio, and better overall results.

And best part about using this method during your warm ups is you can get great results in less then 15 minutes.  I asked Tyler to send over his take on a Challenge Warm Up. So, here’s a guest video from my good friend Tyler (the creator of The Warrior Warm Up) that has a challenge warm up.


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