7 Great Movements To Boost Your Performance

By this point in your life you may have noticed that there are certain tricks and tips that make life a whole lot easier. I was recently discussing this with my friend and movement expert Tyler Bramlett and I liked what he had to say.

You see Tyler is hellbent on increasing peoples results. He’s spent over a decade and tens of thousands of dollars to learn the secrets of the worlds best performers. He’s taken that knowledge and created a unique system that will build strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination in the time you usually spend warming up.

(He took me through some movement progressions in a Warrior Warm up that was super fun here.)


Today he wanted to share with you 7 movements you may be neglecting and how If you start using these 7 movements during your warm ups you will dramatically boost your results. It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or advanced, a bodybuilder or an athlete. These 7 movements are critical to building the best version of you.

Movement #1 – Deep Breathing

Breathing is perhaps the most neglected element of peoples workouts. This is sad because the better you breathe the harder you can workout! To warm up your lungs practice 10 deep breaths focusing on your belly expanding as much as possible.

Movement #2 – Standing Side Bend

You are only as young as your spine. After 10 deep breaths, stand tall and perform 10 side bends trying to imagine your spine being as long as possible.

Movement #3 – Side Lunge

The side lunge is one of the best lower body opening drills EVER. Do 10 side lunges making sure to keep your foot of the bent leg flat on the ground.

Movement #4 – Hindu Pushup

The hindu pushup is one of the very best warm up drills I have ever found. Start in a downward dog position and bending your elbows come through a pushup position to an upward dog or cobra position. Repeat 5-10 times.

Movement #5 – Frog Stand

Very few people work on their balance as much as everything else. Improving your balance is a must. Try holding the frog stand for 30 seconds and then move onto a more challenging movement.

Movement #6 – Bridging

Bridging is a controversial topic in the high level fitness community. If done correctly very few exercises will give you results like bridging. Try holding a shoulder bridge for 30 seconds and then move onto a more challenging movement.

Movement #7 – Rolling

When’s the last time you rolled on the ground? Rolling teaches fluidity and core control like nothing else. Lie down on the ground with your arms overhead and your feet not touching the ground. Try rolling 5 times one direction and 5 times the other direction without your hands and feet touch the ground.

If all you do is add these 7 movements into your warmup routine you will undoubtedly increase your strength, flexibility, mobility, balance coordination!

If you are interested in learning more about Tyler’s unique system of warming up then CLICK HERE