Cool Fat Loss Trick That Works

Halloween is over, but the crying continues.

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Of course, I’m talking about the tears that you’ll feel like shedding when you see all the empty Halloween wrappers at your feet.

It’s likely that Halloween has had some spooky effect on your nutrition if you’re like most people.

One way I defend against indulging in the Halloween treats, is to buy the stuff I DON’T like. That way I’m not tempted.

As well, don’t buy your Halloween candy when you see the ‘back to school’ sales in July.

Geesh. You know that candy will never last until October 31st. Retailers know this and push it earlier and earlier. (Tips for NEXT year I guess.)

NOW you need to overcome temptation. Or do you?

Guess what? I say GIVE IN.

Say what??

Yep, I say on occasion, give in. PLAN to cheat and enjoy those Halloween treats or other favorite foods.

Having a ‘cheat’ meal is a necessary part of a healthy and balanced nutritional plan.

Do you really think its realistic to plan your life never enjoying your favorite treats? Without chocolate? Wine? Bread? C’mon.

I’m all about lifestyle and making ‘livable’ choices. Planning a cheat meal is a way to let off steam both psychologically and physiologically.

First of all, let’s talk about psychological benefits.

When you know that you have a ‘date with your favorite food’ it’s easier to be true to your nutritional plan. Diet compliance is much higher and that’s what you need. You need to consistently eat nutritionally dense food daily and give up the treats.

BUT, about every seven days, you should give in. You should enjoy whatever you want, guilt free.

I know that for some of you, eating clean is a bit of a stretch. Trust me, the longer you eat clean, the easier it gets. But in the beginning it’s tough. Planning to cheat gives your head a mental break.

Emphasis on the ‘planned’. Make your cheat worth it. By the way, try not to eat the kitchen sink. You can easily sabotage a week’s worth of clean eating with 24 hours of binging. Be reasonable and keep your fat loss goals in mind.

Secondly, there’s actual physiological benefits to a cheat meal as well.

Your body is teaming with many hormones designed to ensure you survive, one of which is a little hormone called ‘leptin’ that’s partly responsible for your fat loss. While this hormone comes in handy when you’re in a famine, it can’t tell the difference when there’s actually NOT a famine and you’re purposely reducing calories so you’ll burn extra fat. When you lower your calories, leptin levels lower as well. When leptin levels get too low, your body, in it’s efforts to be efficient, will slow down metabolism and stop burning fat for energy (preparing for the ‘famine’). You may have experienced this as a stall or plateau in your fat loss.

What can you do?

You’re gonna love this…

Have a cheat meal!

Doing so will increase leptin levels which will help your body bounce back into fat burning mode, even on non-cheat days.

Want better news? Studies show that high carb foods are best for increasing leptin levels. I’m not kidding. Keep your fat intake moderate for best results.

Use strategic cheating to boost your fat loss. Then get back into clean eating.

Your head will thank you for the mental break, your body will thank you by giving up fat stores.


My program advocates a planned cheat. My nutrition plan is simple to follow by way of suggesting ‘normal’ foods that you don’t have to go looking all over for. (I’ve seen some plans that require a trip to several health food stores, farmer’s markets and the odd trip to an organic farm 😉 )

Seriously, if you’re serious about fat loss, you need to pay attention to this stuff. Eat clean 80-90% of the time, and then kick back and enjoy your favorite foods for a meal or two.

Grab my program here if you don’t already have it.

female fat loss over 40

If you DO have it, then it does you NO good unless you consistently apply it’s principles. C’mon ladies, I know that most of you know what to do.

Now go do it.