Q and A Nov 2nd, 2012

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female fat loss over 40


Question: This is about the nutrition plan blueprint in your program. Can I just follow the food blueprint or do I have to customize the plan to my caloric intake.  I am hoping I can just follow the plan.  How many calories are in the food blueprint? Sue

Answer: Sue, Most clients will just follow the blueprint ‘as is’. It’s about 1500 calories, but the truth of the matter is that the foods are just high quality nutritious foods. If you stick to them and cut out the sugar and empty calories that ‘most’ people eat, you’ll get results. That’s the good thing with this plan, it takes some of the thinking out and also helps you develop good eating habits. Let me know how it goes, thanks for the question.

(The blueprint Sue is referring to is in my Female Fat Loss Over 40 plan.)

On the note of nutrition, I wanted to remind you that NO diet will work.

Oh dear, let me rephrase that.

Your best chance of success is to GIVE UP ON DIETING completely. A diet starts and stops. Healthy eating is forever.

Build healthy eating skills into your every day life and you’ll notice that your body is less willing to hold onto fat. This needs to be coupled with intense exercise.

Stay tuned for a blog post where I’ll give you tips on using your own body’s leptin hormone levels to stop weight loss plateaus. It’s a cool thing that I know you’re gonna love. It involves eating carbs…sounds dodgy I know, but it’s scientifically proven. More on that next week…

Question: I get shoulder pain when I do push ups…what’s up with this?

Answer: My pal Rick Kaselj has some tips:

Check out Rick’s ‘Fix My Shoulder Pain’ program to help with YOUR shoulder pain.


Question: I’ve had four children and I’m still pretty young myself(26) I have an awful jelly belly and it requires a lot of attention what exercises am I best to do? Thank you so much. Danielle

Answer: Take a look at this post: http://www.femalefatlossoverforty.com/blog/?p=6603 and it will give you some good ideas of what to do. All the best Danielle, stay tuned to the blog and thanks for your question.