Push Up NOW

I thought I’d be proactive before the University of Dayton comes out with a study claiming ‘women CAN’T do push ups’.

I’ve been on a rampage over the recent article in the New York Times and Globe and Mail stating that ‘women CAN’T do pull ups’. You can see it here.

In any case, let’s talk push ups.

No matter if you’re a guy or a gal, push ups are the ‘be all end all’ of body weight exercises.

The push up is chalk full of ‘awesome-ness’. Let me explain:

1.    The push up is the most versatile of all upper body weight movements. You only need enough space to lie down and you have your training ground.

2.    Push ups are a compound exercise. They not only hit the chest, but they’ll target the triceps, shoulders, core and even the quads. Talk about a full body exercise.

3.    Doing a compound exercise is a bonus because this means burning more calories and fat.

4.    Push ups are an impressive exercise to do when you do them correctly. How many people can drop down and do perfect push ups?

5.    You can constantly challenge yourself with the push up. Whether you’re a beginner or a super freak, push ups can always be worked into your program to help you get great results. There’s also a never ending list of variations on the push up to keep things fresh.

Sold? Of course you are. You’re on my blog so that means that you’re probably a raving bodyweight exercise fan and you’re not afraid of hard work.

In an effort to mix it up with push ups, I have a few push up variations for you here. Check  these videos out to add variety to your push up program:

Modified Push up

Triple Stop Push Up

Eccentric Push Up

Push up with resistance band

Shoulder pain during push ups? My pal Rick Kaselj has some tips:

Check out Rick’s ‘Fix My Shoulder Pain’ program to help with YOUR shoulder pain.

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