Pizza Cheat Day Workout

I cheated…

It was homemade pizza last night and it’s time to make it right…as you can see, I’m not up for any challenge here, unless it’s the carb induced nap challenge.

On the positive side, it’s actually a mental break to have a cheat day, it even boosts your metabolism and it motivates (me) to get back to proper eating. I often don’t feel great after eating a bunch of things outside my normal nutrition so after a cheat I generally look forward to clean eating.

Also the trick to a cheat day, is to make up for it with a great fat burning workout. It’s BEST to get your workout in BEFORE you cheat since it fires your metabolism up. However, it’s never too late, so if a cheat just ‘happens’ make it right with a workout like the one I have for you today:

 Cheatin’ 100 Times:

Do three rounds of the following 5 exercises.

1. 25  Body Weight Squats
2. 25 Push-ups
3. 25 Mountain Climbers
4. 25 Burpees
5. Pull ups to failure (assisted, unassisted, do what you can!)
*Rest as little as possible and repeat exercises 1-5 a total of 3 times. Try to keep your form as perfect as possible with every rep, if your form falls apart, slow down a little and give yourself a rest. If that doesn’t help, go to the next exercise.

If this workout appeals to you, you’ll like the body weight version of my pull up workout and the power endurance builders that you get as a bonus. Just sayin…

You can check those out here.

It’s back to clean eating for me, I think it’s egg whites and veggies for lunch today. It’s a good thing when my body craves healthy food…give that workout a go and let me know how it works for you. (Oh, by the way, you don’t necessarily have to have a big pizza dinner first…;))