Bodyweight Finisher Workout

My daughter, Hannah returned from Africa last night and now I have a ‘Hannah Hangover’. What I mean by this is I stayed up super late talking to her about her Uganda adventures. I’m not much of a night owl, but with the time change for her, she couldn’t sleep and I was so excited to see her I couldn’t either.

Let me tell you how good it is to have my 18 year old home safe and sound. And how good it is to know what a good thing she did volunteering at that baby orphanage there for six weeks. I’m so proud of that kid.

As well as having Hannah home, I’m starting a kitchen remodel. To say that I have a lot of balls in the air is an understatement. (By the way, I’m not complaining at all! I love my life and tend to be one to thrive on keeping busy.)

Just like you….

I know that you wear a lot of hats and have a ton on your plate too.

If you just can’t make it to the gym, or to boot camp or to where ever you typically get your workouts in, I have a mini workout for you to do. You can do it at home, at the doctor’s office, at your son’s soccer practice ;), where ever you find yourself with 10 minutes and a bit of energy to burn.

In the video you’ll see that I do:

3 jumping jacks

3 bodyweight squats

3 push ups

To intensify it, do burpees instead of jacks, that’ll turn up the sweat….To modify, do step jacks.

Here’s a video re-cap for you:


If you like this style of workout, you’ll love my pal, Mike Whitfield’s ‘Workout Finishers’. It’s his birthday this week so he’s got them on sale for only $20. Well worth it!


And now, it’s back to Hannah and spending a bit of time getting her re-acquainted with real food, cold weather and a hot shower..