Pilates Core V

Having lived in Canada all my life, I sort of forget how cold it is. I had my Cali BFF come visit recently and was reminded that it’s pretty chilly in Calgary. I had to laugh at Sylvia who seems to think she likes cold weather now that she survived a weekend. The time she was in Calgary it was one of the nicest weekends in recent history. I don’t want to break it to her that it gets MUCH colder because right now she’s all set to come back 😉

We like to train together when we see each other. I make Sylvia do resistance training and she gets me doing lots of Pilates moves. Admittedly, I wasn’t a big fan of Pilates before I met Sylvia, but she’s totally changed that. Here’s a cool little finisher we did together…

Sylvia suggests doing three sets of 10 of each of the exercises. If you’re interested in more cool things from Sylvia, you can check it out here.