Can Rick Really ‘Fix Your Shoulder Pain’?

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 DOCTOR APPROVED (see below)

My pal, Rick Kaselj is an egghead. I say this in the most endearing way. Rick knows his stuff and he’s always my ‘go to’ guy when ever I’m injured or if I have a client that I just can’t solve.

He recently came out with ‘Fix My Shoulder Pain‘ and I waited anxiously to have a look at the program. I figured that it’d be as comprehensive as his previous programs, but given the complexity of the shoulder joint, I wondered how he’d cover it all.

This is basically how he breaks down the program:

Component #1 – This is an introduction to the ‘Rickster’ himself. You’ll learn about his vast credentials and realize that he’s the shizzal…no joke. He’ll also break down the program for you again so you’ll know where to find what. He goes into the purpose of the program and how to utilize it best to ‘Fix Your Shoulder’.

Component #2 This is the ‘what’s going on with my shoulder?’ portion of the program…basically…’if you do this and feel that, then this is your problem’. This component will give you clarification as to what’s going on in the shoulder.

Component #3 This is a self assessment of very basic movements that you can do to find out what’s up with your shoulder. This will give you the information you need to find out what part of the SR3 Method that you’ll need to focus in on in order to ‘Fix Your Shoulder’.

Component #4 Here’s where you’ll find the meat and potatoes. Rick goes into details of the SR3 Method which is the ‘Shoulder Reshaping 3 part method – alignment, tissue quality, activation. It’s all laid out for you in step by step form and easy to follow video and PDF follow up.

Component #5 Rick goes through FAQ’s and there’s a ton. He covers pretty much all the questions that he’s been asked over the years. And if you heard in component #1, Rick has his masters in Exercise Physiology and his thesis was on the rotator cuff. This dude knows your shoulder inside and out.

What I like most about the program is that it’s all done in video AND he has PDF versions of it so you can read or print it out. He covers those that like to see and those that like to read.

Not surprisingly, I fully endorse Rick’s program.

If you or anyone you know has shoulder pain, it’s well worth it to grab his program and start your own rehab. I do this all the time. I often don’t have time to get to physical therapy and so I like to take matters into my own hands. I want to learn what I’m doing wrong to irritate my injury or ache and what I can do to correct it.

I’m not saying that Rick’s program should be used INSTEAD of getting medical attention. I’m saying it can be used IN-CONJUNCTION with your what your medical professional has to say.

Take a look at Rick’s program HERE.

In fact, it’s ‘doctor approved’, Rick shared this email from a doctor client, check it out here:

Hi Rick- I think you should know about my experience using your Fix My Shoulder Pain product.

I should tell you, by way of background, that I’m a physician, and that I’ve been involved in regular training and fitness activities since the 1960’s. I had a nagging shoulder injury that I could not seem to heal for over a year when I purchased your system.

It’s not like I had done nothing for that year- I did months of focused chiropractic, augmented my workouts to avoid aggravating the shoulder, did periods of rest followed by careful and gradual return to activity- and kept experiencing return of pain.

Very frustrating.

I was beginning to wonder if this might be an injury that would never heal, that I just might not ever do pull-ups and other shoulder-stressing activities again- ever. I was contemplating getting an MRI (the next logical step on the medical checklist), when I came upon your program.

I spent some time studying all your videos, tried every exercise and technique, and picked a bunch that seemed to be hitting the areas needing attention.

I have to say that after about 2 weeks I definitely noticed some improvement. That gave me enough incentive to stick with the program, and within 6 weeks I was pain-free for the first time in well over a year.

At this point, I’ve been able to reincorporate pull-ups into my workouts without any difficulty, and in fact my shoulder feels stronger than it’s been in years. It’s been so successful for me that I’ve continued to use a number of the exercises as part of my workouts (usually at or near the end).

Here’s something else: my formerly-injured shoulder has felt so good that I began to notice it was performing better than my uninjured shoulder! So, I started doing the exercises on both shoulders, as preventive medicine.

My shoulders are truly stronger and more stable at age 60 than they were when I was 40.

Hard to believe.

Your program is the real deal, and I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it.

Brian M, MD

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Oh, by the way, when you buy Rick’s program, shoot me your receipt and I’ll send you a report I did for you. It’s got my favorite shoulder workouts and my tips to keep your shoulders healthy.

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