(The Worst) Exercises for Your Shoulders

We all experience pain from time to time. I have many clients that have shoulder pain, myself included. I’m here to say that shoulder pain is NO fun.

My daughter was a wrestler who she had hyper-mobile shoulders (oops,
I shouldn’t have passed that one down to her). This is NOT great for a
wrestler as she experienced dislocations all the time.
She ended up with major surgery and was in a sling for 6 weeks.
Try to be a high school girl and do your hair and make up in a
 sling. Not to mention the fashion statement that sling
She lived to tell the tale, but in her words (and mine): ‘Take care
of your shoulders.’

My good friend, Rick Kaslej has some videos for us today on the  Worst Exercises for your shoulders. You’ll notice that I use many of these exercises in my programs so be sure to take his tips to keep your shoulders healthy.

Here you go:

Dumb bell row:


Shoulder press:


Behind the neck lat pull down:

Bench dips:


Upright row:

Stay tuned for some help with YOUR shoulder pain, coming your way. I’ll have a review of Rick’s ‘Fix My Shoulder Pain’ program and a recommendation as to whether it’s right for you.

You can check out his program here.