Calling all (KB) Virgins

I’m a virgin. A kettlebell virgin that is…

But I’ve always wanted to learn about kettlebells and how to use them effectively and safely. I struggled at first with what to do with a kettle bell 😉

So, I went to my pal, Chris Lopez who knows all about kettlebells and how to use them. Oddly, none of my suggestions from this post were in his plan…

I started with some basic KB lifts. I only have one KB in my gym. It’s 20lbs, so not much, but I wanted to make sure my form was super fine and I wouldn’t get hurt. I was pretty apprehensive at first but I got comfortable very quickly with Chris’s instruction. I used his exercise library and awesome explanations and felt very supported.

Because I’m a bit of a nut, I went to the ‘TT Kettlebell Extreme’ workout cuz I saw burpee pull ups (I’m a sucker for those things…)

Here’s one of my favorite workouts:

1a) Bottoms Up KB Military Press (3 x 3-5 per side) -no rest
1b) Burpee, Pull-Up Combo (3 x 60s) -rest 60s, then repeat 2 additional times for a total of 3 sets
2a) Bodyweight Pistol (3 x 5-8) -no rest
2b) Renegade Row (3 x 20) -no rest
2c) Spiderman Push-Ups (3 x AMRAP-2) -rest 45s, then repeat 2 additional times for a total of 3 sets
3) Get-Up Ladder x 10 minutes -Perform sets of 1, 2, and 3 Get-Ups on each side for 10 minutes straight -After completing 3 per side, start back at 1 and work your way back up to 3 again. -Repeat this pattern for the duration of the set (10 minutes)

I loved the cool interval workouts that Chris laid out that also included KB’s. It’s another great way to do intervals, it just gives me more tools to play with.

While I probably won’t be a TOTAL kettle bell freak, I’ll definitely include KB’s in my workout regime from now on.

If you’re interested in KB’s, even if you’re a KB virgin like me, Chris will help you. What I like about his program is that it’s not ALL KB’s he has a cool mix of KB’s and traditional resistance training exercises. I’d have a hard time giving up some of my favorite moves…

You’ll see that Chris is a busy guy, he’s in the parking lot of the hospital while his wife takes a test for their 5th child… and he’s getting workout in, check it out below:

Check out his program here and see if you’ll take on the KB Challenge. Check it out:

challenge workout