25 Minute Meltdown

I have my home gym set up so when I’m  a weather weeny I can train at home. I love this option, plus it’s easier to set up a camera and get you a workout on the fly. Aaand, I live in Calgary, AB, where weather can be pretty extreme at times.

It was sort of a ‘day off’ from regular training. On these days, I’ll generally do a circuit style workout to burn fat and feel good. I like body weight and light resistance exercises so I can save my strength for resistance workout days in order to increase the weight I move.

Guess what? I’ve started using a kettle bell and I love it. I’ll have more KB moves in workouts and a whole program from a master RKC trainer coming up soon. In the meantime, I’ll do moves that I’m confident doing, like the KB swing. You’ll see that I experimented with my KB at first trying to figure out what the heck to do with it…silly pics here.

My hamstring is a little upset with me, so in this workout, I refrained from arguing with it and focused mostly on upper body and core.

As an aside…I once had a partial tear of my left ham at the insertion (okay, I’ll say it: at my bum). It’s a bit uncomfortable to go for ART or massage or any kind of treatment when I have to point at my bum and say ‘fix it right here’ 😉 Consequently, on occasion, when my hamstring flares up, I’ll roll it,  ice and rest it until we’re on speaking terms again. Back to the workout…

I set my gymboss for 50 seconds of work and had a 10 second transition. I did the following exercises:

  • jump rope
  • TRX low row (or do a DB or BB row)
  • KB swing
  • spiderman push up
  • bicycle crunch

You’ll love that this workout is done and done in 25 minutes. You can intensify or modify as you see fit. Some of the best ways are as follows:

  • jump rope –>  Intensify: double unders. high knees Modify: phantom skip (no rope)
  • TRX low row –> Intensify: pull ups  Modify: TRX rows from a standing position (or DB rows)
  • KB swing –> Intensify: increase KB weight  Modify: decrease KB weight
  • spiderman push up –> Intensify: add decline  Modify: eliminate the spiderman portion, just do a push up or modified push up
  • bicycle crunch –> Intensify: Hanging leg raise  Modify: drop the foot to the floor on the bicycle crunch

Anyone that says body weight training is easy, really hasn’t put their body to the test. Give this workout a go and tell me different 😉

PS. I’ll have more about Kettle bell training coming up…but if you’re interested in what I’m using to help me along, check it out HERE