Want an Extra Fat Burning Edge?

You know it takes 21 days for form a habit right? Even a fat burning habit…

I have a 21 Day Body Sculpt bonus for you to help you get into the fat burning, muscle toning habit. You’ll get it, along with a ‘mix and match’ meal plan to help you get into your nice fall clothes without having to  go to the ‘fat’ side of the closet. You’ll get this when you get my friend, Sue’s program.

female fat loss over 40

I have some exciting news for you. Australian Fat Burning Expert Sue Heintze has just released a brand new version of her ultra-popular Ideal Body Blueprint Program for Women.

The Ideal Body Blueprint Program is a 3 stage program that doesn’t just burn unwanted fat… it replaces it with lean, shapely muscle (in all the right places!) and more importantly… keeps the fat off for good!

As a regular contributor to Oxygen and Women’s Health & Fitness magazines, Sue really knows her stuff when it comes to getting ladies in tip top shape.

When this program debuted several years ago, Sue regularly charged $149 for just the beginner level program.  But she understands that the current economy has left many people tighter on funds than usual.  And Sue doesn’t want anyone’s budget preventing any lady from getting the firm, sculpted figure they really want.

Sue has helped thousands of women do exactly that… and now she’s SLASHED the price of the new Ideal Body Blueprint.

female fat loss over 40

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But that’s not all. Sue is making it even easier for you to succeed: If you act now, she’s including 30 days of V.I.P. coaching with each copy of Ideal Body Blueprint.

That way, you get an extra edge – access to a highly skilled fat-burning expert that you can ask your personal question if you get stuck in training or aren’t sure on any part of the program. I’ve known Sue for about a year now and she’s super cool and really cares. She can provide you with lots of training variations to do at home.

Just see for yourself how the Ideal Body Blueprint can help you by heading here right now:

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Oh yes, and when you get Sue’s program, I have a 21 Day Body Sculpt Bonus for you. Just email me your receipt and I’ll send it your way. Just another tool in your tool box to help you achieve the body of your dreams.