Only for the Ladies…

I have a confession…

I get many ladies that email me that they aren’t the pull up rock stars that they want to be.

Now granted, there are those of you that rock the pull up bar like nobody’s business, but honestly, you’re in the minority.

My goal is to get all the chicks up to the bar with confidence but the truth is, some have told me that they’re ‘too heavy’ to get an unassisted pull up.

I understand that.

And I applaud you for trying.

How about a 21 Day Body Sculpt Solution bonus to help you along?


pull up tips


It’s a 5 day rotation of quick home workouts that will torch fat and a done for you ‘mix and match’ meal plan that’s simple to follow. It lasts 21 days, enough to help you develop good workout and eating habits.

(And for the guys: if you have a woman in your life that may need some support, this will help…if you can tactfully suggest it. And if you come up with a way to tell the woman you love that you have a cool program to help her feel her best, feel free to share it with others – more men may need your smooth moves because I know it can be a touchy subject…)

In any case, you can get my 21 Day Body Sculpt Solution when you get my friend Sue’s program.

She’s just released her brand new version of her popular Ideal Body Blueprint program for women. This is a 3 stage program that burns fat and replaces it with lean, shapely muscle, all in the right places and helps keep the fat off for good.

Sue Hientze is a regular contributor to Oxygen and Women’s Health and Fitness magazines so she knows what she’s talking about.

When this program debuted several years ago, Sue regularly charged $149 for the beginner program. She understands the current economy and funds are tight. She doesn’t want anyone’s budget to prevent them from getting the firm toned figure they really want.

She’s helped thousands of women do exactly that and now she’s made it affordable for everyone with the new Ideal Body Blueprint.

You can check out recent ‘success stories’ and how you can get half off her program HERE.

Oh, and she’s going to give you VIP coaching as a bonus which is super cool. That way you have access to a highly skilled fat loss expert that you can ask your personal question if you get stuck in training or aren’t sure about any part of the program.


pull up tips



Her program is great to help you loss the flub and keep it off. It’ll help you get lean so that your pull ups and other challenge workouts are  possible.

Just email me your receipt and I’ll send my plan along to you.