4 x 4 Finisher

I have no idea who this is…

pull up exercise


It looks like someone may be impersonating me at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas…you know how people get crazy there…yes, I’m sure that’s what it is, an impersonation of the ‘Pull Up Queen’…

When I was in Vegas last, I behaved myself and spent my time in a conference room from 9-5 learning along with some of the best ‘who’s who’ in fitness. It’s only a coincidence that the door to our conference room looked oddly like this one. That’s purely circumstantial evidence.

And as far as this workout below, hey, there’s so much room in that hotel, that this gymnasium sized foyer was going to waste. In fact, I had to walk 6 miles of hallways to find an innocent bystander who’d hold the camera for Mike and I. We not only provided this camera dude with the strangest video request he got all day (or ever), but we made good use of an otherwise wasted space.

We thought that you’d like an idea as to what you could do when you go to Vegas (ha!), or more likely if you’re stuck in a hotel room, at home or anywhere with a little time, space, no equipment and a need for a workout.


This workout is done in the AMRAP style, which means ‘as many rounds as possible’. These are the exercises:

  • swing lunge
  • triple stop push up (or any kind of push up)
  • spiderman climb
  • squat jump or full body extension

Give yourself as much time as you can spare, you’ll get a good workout in as little as 6 min. Mike’s Finishers are designed to be done AFTER your workout, but you can really increase the time and do it as a stand alone workout, especially if you’re in Vegas and have some shopping or gambling to get to.

You can get more of Mike’s cool ideas here. Honestly, these are worth getting just so you can read the names of his workouts, so funny… 😉

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