4 by 4 Finisher

I was recently in Las Vegas for a conference. I go from time to time and meet with the best of the best in fitness. We have a ton of fun, even if it involves being semi-irreverent. We’ve been known to be asked to leave hotel gyms for video taping or for skipping on the grass (apparently grass is to be seen and not stepped on…).

It’s Vegas though, so our Vegas stories are totally tame in comparison to some I’m sure. Really, who can get bent out of shape for a few fitness nuts hanging from the rafters?

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I have NO idea who this is....;)

Everything in Vegas is really bigger than life isn’t it? If you’ve been there, you’d see that you could easily hold a fitness boot camp in any hallway and still have room to spare. Crazy. It was a waste to see so much space and not make good fitness use of it.

Here’s my pal, Mike Whitfield and I in one of the cavernous foyers:

This workout is done in the AMRAP style, which means ‘as many rounds as possible’. These are the exercises:

  • swing lunge
  • triple stop push up (or any kind of push up)
  • spiderman climb
  • squat jump or full body extension

Give yourself as much time as you can spare, you’ll get a good workout in as little as 6 min. Mike’s Finishers are designed to be done AFTER your workout, but you can really increase the time and do it as a stand alone workout, especially if you’re in Vegas and have some shopping or gambling to get to.

You can get more of Mike’s cool ideas here. Honestly, these are worth getting so that you can do them when you’re stuck at home, in a hotel room, in a waiting room…c’mon get creative 😉