12 Minute Challenge

Guess what? Time is short for EVERYONE, but it’s not a reason to skip a workout.

Recently, I had a crazy day ahead and so I decided to do a 12 minute challenge, it happened to be one from my ‘Boot Camp Challenge Workout’ program.

The challenges in the program can be used by trainers in small groups or boot camps. Or, like me, if you’re strapped for time, you can do one as a stand alone workout.

Trust me, I was cursing myself for that workout. Really? Who pairs those things together? Upper body, lower body, core, cardio, no rest, quick, dirty. I hated myself for concocting it. I mean it’s one thing to make my clients do it, it’s another to make myself do it 😉

All kidding aside, you know I love a challenge and I know you do too. That’s why you’ll love this workout and you’ll love Boot Camp Challenge Workouts, even if you’re not a trainer. You’ll get 24 challenges, plus a TRX bonus until Friday and you’ll also save $10.

You’ll find 12 minutes of grueling ‘fun’ in this boot camp challenge workout. You’ll do it AMRAP style, this means ‘as many rounds as possible’. You’ll do ten reps of the following:  burpees, renegade rows, mountain climbers, lunges, squats and then do 50 jumps with a skipping rope. The goal is to do this as many times as you can, with good form and then beat your score the next time you try it. I managed to get three rounds in and I just started the fourth round. I did burpee pull ups because I have a bar available (yay!). Modify or intensify as you see fit.

Grab Boot Camp Challenge Workouts, (even if you’re NOT training a small group or boot camp). Use it to  train in your garage or basement, hotel room or park…you can ‘be your own trainer’ with direction from the best in the fitness biz (me, that is 😉

boot camp challenge workouts