Another Challenge?

Yep, we all love a challenge don’t we?

As many of you know, I have a rockin’ fitness boot camp here in Calgary. It’s called Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp and if ever anyone is in town and wants to come by for a workout, email me and we’ll see what we can do to get you in for some fun. I don’t train every session, but I’d love to find a time that we could meet at my camp.

The reason I’m telling you this is because in the spirit of ‘challenges’, I’ve discovered a way to get some challenges into my boot camp setting. So often people come to camp with the notion that they want to lose weight, they don’t often think of the health and performance benefits of a kick a$$ workout. When you take the emphasis off weight loss and train specifically for performance, often the happy coincidence is weight loss, inches loss and generally looking and feeling a ton better.

I know that y’all don’t run your own fitness boot camps, but I thought I’d share one of the challenges that I made for mine. You can do this on your own, as you can all the challenges in my new program Boot Camp Challenge Workouts. The cool thing with the challenges in this program is that they’re all individual and anyone can do them alone or in a small group.

Try this one:

Workout #1  Take Away Bodyweight Challenge

Timed set: Record the total time it takes to complete this workout.

Equipment: Timer


  • Burpees (full body extensions, modified burpee)
  • Squats
  • Push ups (modified push up)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Bicycle crunches

Rules of the test:

Start at 10 reps of each exercise. Rest as little as possible, do 9 reps of each exercise, count down until the client finishes with 1 rep of each exercise. Stop the clock.

Training Variation:

Use the same exercises, start at rep 1 and count up to 10.


Click HERE to see more of Boot Camp Challenge Workouts.

bootcamp challenge workouts


Here’s my latest program. It’s geared more for trainers, but if you’re a hardcore person, you’ll love the 24 workouts you’ll find. As well, you’ll get this as a bonus when you buy before Friday:

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For less than $30, you’ll get 31 challenges to spice up your workouts. Grab yours before Friday, Sept 21st at midnight.

Oh, and if this one is a little tame for you…you can try one of the 6 Extreme Boot Camp Challenges too…it’s all included.

Have fun with this challenge and remember it’s all about beating your OWN best.