What is ‘Ripped in 42’?

I like to introduce you to all my fitness friends and show you what they’re doing with their clients. Meet my Canadian friend, Rob King who’s getting some amazing results with a program called ‘Ripped in 42‘….



Hey, Rob King with Rippedin42  here,  first of all I want to thank Shawna for giving me the opportunity to share my passion with you and that is changing lives and making people stronger, fitter & healthier.

About Me.

I am a lifetime student of fitness.  I literally can’t stop learning and after being in the fitness industry for almost 20 years now I have had the opportunity to learn and train with the best in every field.  Along with books, CD’s, Audio books, DVD’s, Blogs I also do something that not a lot of other experts do.  I travel a LOT so I can meet the best people in the industry and learn from them personally so that I can become the best coach and trainer possible and then share this info with my Rippedin42 members and the clients at my gym Heavyweights Training Center.

For the last few years I have devoted myself to being the best coach I can, and this means keeping an open mind and always being a student.

I love what I do.  It’s my passion and it’s what I feel I am meant to do with my life.

What is Rippedin42?

Rippedin42 is a complete 42 day system that I created taking everything I know to help someone make the most radical changes possible in only 42 days.

This program is like no other.

I have taken the best for every teacher I have met and merged what I felt was the best information from them all and packaged into a step by step transformation program designed to guaranteed success.

Success leaves clues, and I have found them.

With Rippedin42 we are much more than just a “Diet Program” or a “Workout Program” we blend everything from sound nutrition & training but we also focus on goal setting, mental focus and community support.  I don’t believe anyone can change their body without a good foundation of transforming your mind and having a positive community. What we do works and our results and members are walking proof.

How good is Rippedin42?

Well our success rate for the program is a whopping 98%.  We make sure our clients finish what they start.  Our average client becomes 20 lbs lighter after just 42 days and is a much happier, stronger, healthier version of themselves.

Our last Rippedin42 Group became a THOUSAND POUNDS Lighter combined, take a look at a few of the transformations:

pull up workouts

pull ups

pull ups


pull ups


pull ups


pull ups

Why 42 Days?

We are generally creatures of habit and after 42 days it is enough time to change your habits.  Once you change your habits you have results you can keep.


With Rippedin42 we don’t just tell you what to do, we explain in detail what is going on  and why it works.  We believe in education and a “Show me don’t tell me” motto.  Education is a lifetime journey and we know that educating our Rippedin42 members will cause them to have lifelong success.

How Difficult Is The Program?

Bottom line change doesn’t come easy, you have to sacrifice, you have to work hard, but our plan is bulletproof.  Every single day is mapped out in an easy to follow, easy to implement program that is practically done for you. We have made this program so that it works whether you have 5lbs to lose of 50 lbs to lose (one of our Rippedin42 clients Shane lost 54 lbs in just 42 days!)

What are you waiting for?

pull ups

So here is the deal, Rippedin42 closes Friday at midnight.  It won’t be available until November and then only for our 2 week recruiting period.

This is YOUR CHANCE to give me and my head trainer Gill just 42 days.

Register here now I promise it will be the best 42 days of your life => click here.

Rob King & Gill Whelan