Pilates? Oh ya…

I’ve said it before, and probably offended many of you, but I’m not a big yoga fan.I know it’s good for me and all, but it’s just not something I enjoy. Call me crazy.

female fat loss over 40

My pal, Sylvia is making me a fan of pilates though.

Are you annoyed and frustrated with those last few pounds and
that lower belly fat that just won’t go away?

Do you see celebrities with lean toned bodies? How do they do it?

Here’s the TRUTH – these celebrities are not doing hours of
training. They are doing  effective, fast, full bodyweight workouts.

That’s the method my good friend Sylvia (also known as the
Pilates Chick) she has a full workout using Pilates to lose
the belly fat and tighten a flabby body.

And…get this she doesn’t use any fancy equipment. She’s helped
hundreds of women lose the belly fat and tone their flabby
body with these cutting edge Pilates moves.

They weren’t wasting time with training countless hours in a gym
or spending time going from one piece of equipment to another –
they used the Pilates ab, booty lifter and the Pilates fat loss program
to tighten their bodies and strengthen their core.

With some of the most unique and innovative rep schemes
you have ever seen, and challenging exercises like the Saddlebag Raise
Booty Plank and the Ab-X Cross Body Climber combo, you’ll be utilizing
every single muscle in your body, muscles you didn’t know you had to
burn off calories during and after training.

So, be sure you’re ready for something like this and you want

Here’s something for you to try out today:

If you want more cool moves from Sylvia, check them out HERE