Ab Advice

Who wants a nice flat tummy without that muffin top bulge?

We all do.

While I don’t have a ‘magic formula’, I do have some exercises that will help. Keep in mind that you can do these things until the cows come home…

female fat loss over 40

Do the cows ever really come home? They’ve never come to my house and if they did I’d be ill prepared…I mean how to you prepare for cows anyways? It’s hard enough to prepare for relatives let alone a herd of cows…on my gosh, I’m totally off on a tangent aren’t I?

Okay, back to the flat tummy.

I’ve shared this video with you before, but it’s worth repeating because it goes over what kind of exercise is really necessary to burn off the belly bulge:




After doing those metabolically expensive exercises, you can add some ‘toning’ exercises from my pal, The Pilates Chick, Sylvia. Take a look at these videos and add these to your ab repertoire:

You’re in luck this week as well because Sylvia has THREE programs available to you for only $19.99.

female fat loss

You pretty much can’t lose out for that price.

You’ll find it HERE

And if the cows ever come to your house, please let me know how you’re a good hostess so I can be too 😉