Do You Cheat?

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I want you to cheat.

There I said it.

It doesn’t sound right, but yes, if you want to learn how to do more pull ups, you need to cheat a little. (What did you think I was talking about??)

I have a method of training called  ‘controlled cheating’ and it’s going to help get your first pull up, your tenth, or more.


Here’s how controlled cheating works…


Controlled cheating allows you to keep your body in the idea pull-up position while “cheating” your way though your training program.

This unique method of training allows you to keep your body in the ideal pull-up position the entire time helping you build your muscle memory as well as strength and endurance.

What I discovered was that controlled cheating helped me quickly speed up my training and the results came fast. Over the next few months I decided to use myself as a guinea pig to create a variety of controlled cheating exercises to help me build up my pull-up prowess.

Then I mixed and matched these exercises and along with conventional training methods to build the ultimate pull-up training program.

See unlike all other exercises you can’t build your pull up strength and endurance using traditional progressive resistance training.


Take the bench press for example. If your goal is to rep out fifteen reps with 225 pounds, you wouldn’t go into the gym and load the bar up with 225 lbs and start pressing, would you?




You’d find yourself stuck under the bar with an injury to boot.


challenge workouts


What you might do however is to load the bench press bar up to one-hundred pounds and then start progressively building up the weight and repetitions over the weeks to come until you knock out fifteen reps with 225 pounds.


If you want a short cut to increasing your pull up power, you’ll need my Challenge Workout program.  You’ll learn how to use my controlled cheating method to surprisingly increase your pull ups in record time.


The good news is that I’ve been able to reach 1400 with my pull up program, but my goal is to reach 10 000. I’ve made it easier than ever for you to grab my program:


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challenge workouts


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Looking forward to hearing about YOUR pull up success.