Q and A Aug 24, 2012


Can an obese woman do intermittent fasting?


Dear Julia,

An obese person CAN do intermittent fasting, but it’s not my best choice for a nutrition plan for the obese. I’d rather see you eating 5-6 meals of highly nutritious foods daily.

The best plan is the one that you can do though. You need to find the eating plan that is liveable for YOU.

Check out my thoughts on ‘diet plans’ here, here and here.

Check out my friend and intermittent fasting expert Brad Pilon’s article here.

Of course, it’s necessary to get your doctor on board if you are obese, so get checked out by your doc and pick a plan that resonates with YOU.

Hope that helps,




I’m having carpal tunnel surgery on both hands.  Obviously burpees and pushups will be off the menu, but I still want to keep my momentum going with body weight exercises. What can I do?


Dear NB

Once you have the go ahead to start training again, ask your doctor if you can do exercises with a ‘neutral’ wrist. If so, you can start to build up strength with exercises that don’t have the wrist in full extension. Then you can work up to push ups etc with the hands on dumb bells to keep the wrist in a neutral position.

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Many people are able to tolerate this with no adverse effects. You can do exercises like a lying chest press or fly instead of a push up or full body extension etc. instead of burpees.


Lots of my clients have similar issues in my fitness boot camp, so you’re in good company. We’ve managed quite well with substitutions.


The key is to listen to your body and not do too much too soon. Pain at the joint is NEVER good and now’s the time to take it easy on this joint.



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