Workout in a Pinch

Train in your underwear? Well, that’s the beauty of a home workout. It was super hot outside and in my new condo that morning. I live in a cold climate with about 5 hot days a year so no one really has AC. I got ready to train, put in my underwear and running shoes and that was it. I looked ridiculous. Thankfully no one saw me, I stayed cooler and I had a great workout.

home workout
No underwear shots 😉

On that day, I was to take a morning flight, couldn’t get to the gym and so far I didn’t have my home gym set up yet. I needed to do something. Sitting on a plane and then in a meeting would eat up my day. I’m not as energetic later in the day and didn’t know if opportunity would present itself for an evening workout, so I had to figure something out.

My original plan was to go outside, but at 5 am, it was still dark. I didn’t know the neighborhood well enough to be out in the dark. Plus, in this situation, I would have always taken my loyal, slobbery boxer, Desi with me but since he’s passed on, I don’t have his protective watch over me anymore.

An indoor workout was in order.

Did I show you what was waiting for me at my new condo on moving day?

home pull up bar

Looks like a good sign that I picked the right condo.

This is what I ended up doing that morning….Not the biggest challenge, but trust me, sometimes just getting in a workout on a jam packed day is the challenge. It’s these kinds of workouts that help me maintain my fitness level. As well, I just feel better when I’ve had a chance to move…

Stair Workout

2 flights of stairs
20 push ups at the bottom
20 squat jumps or pulsing squats in the middle
10 hanging leg raises at the top (do an ab move such as a bicycle crunch with no pull up bar)

10 sets

I wanted to let you know that I’m just putting the finishing touches on ‘Ab Challenges’. I’ve had a lot of requests for a program to tighten and tone the abdominals so I created this for you.

ab challenges

As you probably already know, you can’t ‘spot reduce’ any body part, but you can build a kick butt core in terms of strengthening it. This tone will be revealed when you clean up your nutrition. The ‘Ab Challenge’ program is designed as an add-on program that you can do with your current program. Stay tuned for more info coming up and how you can get your hands on it.