Stair Workout

home workout

I’m pretty much settled into my new digs. I’m big on home workouts and wanted a quickie. My home gym isn’t set up yet, but I knew that I could figure out something. I had an early flight to catch and didn’t want to be sitting for hours and then miss out on training for the day since I had afternoon meetings.

I have a great set of stairs leading to an off leash dog park behind my new condo, but at 5 am, it was a little dark out. I’m not totally familiar with the lay of the land, so I decided to stay indoors.

Here’s a secret: when you live alone (my kids were on holidays with their dad) and it was super hot outside, so I thought who really cares what I train in? I laced up my running shoes and trained in my underwear 😉

I figured I’d better put more on for the picture. I looked totally ridiculous, but no one saw me. I probably shouldn’t even be telling you this, it’s def TMI and has nothing to do with the awesome workout that I did.

When I moved in, I found this pull up bar in the doorway of my master bathroom. To me this was an amazing sign that I found ‘home’. Honestly, I never noticed it when I was purchasing the place, but I was so pleased to find it on moving day.

home workout

Stair Workout

2 flights of stairs

20 push ups at the bottom

20 squat jumps or pulsing squats in the middle

10 hanging leg raises at the top (do an ab move such as a bicycle crunch with no pull up bar)


10 sets

<20 min

home workout


As you can see, you don’t need to have a ton of time or special equipment to get a great workout done. I’m a master at putting workouts like this together. I have a ton of similar type workouts for you in my program. If you want ‘done for you’ workouts that you can do pretty much anywhere, you should check it out HERE.