3 min Body Weight Finisher – Tough!

If you’re bored of cardio and EVEN intervals, get ready for
another one of my pal Mike Whitfield’s calorie-torching bodyweight
finishers. Check out this finisher he recently did with a

“What can you do in 3 minutes?” said his long-time client with
a smile after he just completed his tough metabolic resistance
training workout.

They finished it off with a 3-minute metabolic finisher that
required ZERO equipment. You can do this one at home. It’s
taken from the 3-Minute Bodyweight Finishers Manual

=> 3-Minute Bodyweight Finishers

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Finisher # 3 from the manual
“Density Doo-Dah”

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3
minutes. Rest ONLY when needed:

1A) Lateral Jumps (5/side)
1B) Triple Stop Pushup (5)
1C) Burpees (5)

That kicks the pants off of boring cardio, and you don’t
need a single piece of equipment. Be sure to record the
total number of circuits and reps you were able to do.

Then next time, BEAT IT. That’s how you burn fat with
zero equipment.

His obsession is getting people addicted to working out with
no cardio and intervals. This time, he’s done it with ZERO

And the best part? You can finish off ANY workout with these
fun and addicting 3-minute finishers

Discover how to beat cardio and interval boredom with these
3-minute bodyweight finishers

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Enjoy those bodyweight finishers!