Moving Day Workout

pull up exercises


I don’t know anything about feng shui, but to me, this has got to be a good sign. I moved into my new condo and found this in the master bathroom.

I never noticed it when I was purchasing my house, but what a happy surprise! So fitting for the ‘Pull Up Queen’, I mean shouldn’t I have one of these in every door way?

I’ll work on that…;)

You’ll see how I used my new pull up bar at the bottom of the post.

I’m overwhelmed with all the well wishes and support I got on moving day. I only asked one long time friend to come to my old house while I did the walk thru of the new one. I didn’t want to impose on anyone on a beautiful summer weekend.

But wow! I had so many wonderful friends show up and pitch in. I didn’t get pictures of everyone, but I had friends haul things to Goodwill for me, take apart my gym equipment, bring me food, pack my dishes, haul things to the moving truck, vacuum my rugs for the cleaners, unpack and organize my new house, haul more things to Goodwill and more importantly: offer support and laughs along the way. They made the whole process of moving less painful. We all know what a hassle it can be and they almost made it fun.

Truth be told, this move was long overdue. I had a difficult two years and a new home would be the final closure to some unhappy memories of a past life. When my long time best friend, Desi (dog) passed away suddenly 10 days before moving day, it made being in my old house unbearable. I was more than ready for a new beginning.

As promised, here are just a few pictures of the ‘big day’ and my awesome friends that helped out…

pull up exercises
Happy dance to sell my old house…thanks Larry!



pull up exercises
After viewing 27 condos, I found my new home 😉


pull up exercises
After many hours and hands helping me: packed up and good to go!


pull up exercises
Just of few of the many that pitched in…THANK YOU!


Moving is a great workout…Lisa did full squats with my entire wardrobe on her back.


pull up exercises
Claudia and Sonia added beauty and brute strength…


pull up exercises
Lisa had a little too much fun I think 😉


pul up exercises
The girls fit in a little training along the way…


pull up exercises
Okay, so the movers did a little heavy lifting too…


pull up exercises
A little rum and wine helped move things along…everyone was smiling.


pull up exercises
Three men and my bed 😉


pull up exercises
Carmen (the biggest and baddest) putting away my Granny’s china


pull up exercises
Things coming together…


pull up exercises
My fav space: my new home office


I wanted to do a quick workout after moving day and before more people arrived to unpack. Here’s what I did pretty much in my master bathroom (which, by the way is very small, the shower is so tiny I had to figure how to wash my hair without being pelted with water. I’m short so there was no where to run away from the flow, I didn’t want to turn the water off, so I finally figured to turn the spray to the corner to lather up.)

  • 10 pull ups
  • 10 squat jumps
  • 10 push ups
  • 9 pull ups
  • 9 squat jumps
  • 9 push ups
  • 8 pull ups
  • 8 squat jumps
  • 8 push ups…..CONTINUE PATTERN TILL
  • 1 pull up
  • 1 squat jump
  • 1 push up

This was a quick full body workout. If you need help with pull ups, you know where it find it, right HERE 😉

I decided on day 3 of the move to have a big dinner party to thank everyone for their help. I’m not fully unpacked or organized, but let’s face it. I probably won’t be anymore organized in a month. I have the amazing excuse that I just moved  so everyone will be more forgiving of my poor cooking skills 😉