Super Hero Workout Review

super hero program

I’ll be honest, I don’t know a super hero from a super nova.

This is what I know:

Batman is pretty cool cuz he’s got super cool kit. I think Robin is in touch with his feminine side (not that there’s anything wrong with that ;)). I know Superman has his kryptonite and Spiderman can climb anything. You may put an eye out with Wonder Woman’s boobs. I think there’s a Bat Woman, or may be it’s Cat Woman (?). Aside from that, I’m pretty lost. I never have been one for TV or comic books (but I endured both for my son who, as it turns out, isn’t a big super hero fan now either).

super hero program

No matter, even if I’m not a fan of super hero action, I’m def a fan of the super hero physique. I mean who wouldn’t be?

Yes, there’s the ongoing debate among the super hero crowd about the merits of a cape, but, cape or no cape, I’m all over that super hero physique.

Any program that claims to get you there is worth a second look. And, considering the author, John Romaneillo, looks rather super hero-ish himself, I figured you’d appreciate a review of the program.

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Here we go:

The Super Hero Workout is split into 4 phases.
• Phase 1 is power based, with some muscle building (Thor for inspiration).
• Phase 2 is more agility, conditioning and the like (think Spiderman workout and Batman).
• Phase 3 is pure mass (inspired by the Hulk workout–don’t worry ladies, he has something for you as well).
• Phase 4 is more of a combination, so little bit of everything. More for “all around” heros like Super Man.
For you ladies don’t worry Roman has included a program designed specifically for females to attain the Super Hero female look.

This program comes complete with The Super Hero Workout Log Sheets. You can print these off and take them to the gym so you can follow the exact workouts specified by Roman.
This program covers everything no matter your goal:
• The mass & strength like The Hulk
• The musculature & athleticism of Batman
• A Body Like Superman or Superwoman
• Totally jacked like THOR

I asked Roman to clear up some questions for you:

Q: What if I just want to burn fat? Or just want muscle?
A: Well, if that’s the case, I’ve got you covered. At the end of the
book, I lay out, in complete detail, how to modify the program
for ANY goal.
If you want just fat loss, there’s a fat loss program.
There are programs for muscle building, athletics, strength, and
even one just for women.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need for the SUPER HERO Workout?
Do I need to belong to a gym or use fancy equipment?
A: All you need is a set of dumbbells. Now, I would PREFER if
you had a single barbell in addition to that, but it’s not necessary.
(just replace barbell exercises with DB ones).
That being the case, you DO NOT need a gym!

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Q: Is the SUPER HERO Workout just for guys? As a woman, I don’t want to build big muscles!
A: Ladies–don’t you worry. I have a specific plan JUST for women that comes WITH the program. You can do certain parts of SHW as written, and then replace others with the Female Super Hero Training workouts. These workouts are awesome, and co-written with female fitness phenom Flavia Del Monte. You’re going to LOVE them.

===> SUPER HERO Workout now on sale <—- Ladies, time to become your OWN Hero

Q: How much does it cost?
A: That’s the BEST part. When you pick up the SUPER HERO Workout this
week, as part of the launch celebration, you’ll grab it for less than $40.

As a bonus to my readers, I made a Super Hero Action Bonus for you when you get Roman’s program.

challenge workout

All you need to do is email me your purchase receipt and I’ll fire off this 10 workout bonus your way.
But here’s a confession given my lack of knowledge of the Super Hero world:

I told my son Sam I wanted to write a Super Hero bonus program and I needed help naming my workouts. We sat in Starbucks over Roobios tea for me and a protein drink for him and laughed our faces off at our lame attempts to name my super cool challenge workouts. My apologies in advance for the lack luster super hero names of the workouts you’ll get when you purchase the Super Hero program this week. I’ve got 10 awesome challenges with 10 ‘less than awesome’ super hero names…;)

So, all in all,  Super Hero Fat Loss gets my stamp of approval. Roman does cool stuff and I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest picking it up while it’s at this super low price. You literally can’t get a personal trainer for one session for the price of the whole program. And trust me, if you did, they wouldn’t be able to train you to Super Hero status in a lifetime. If you follow the plan laid out for you, Roman can.