Decline of the Bulgarians and more…

You’ve heard me talk about my pal, Mike Whitfield. He’s lost over 100 lbs. He’s got a crazy sense of humor too. Bert and Ernie used his workout finisher program…check out their energy levels here:

To get a lil serious, Mike has a finisher for you here called ‘The Decline of the Bulgarians’:

8 reps of bulgarian split squat
8 decline push ups

Count down 8 to 1 rep

Increase intensity by adding a jump to the Bulgarian split squat and by doing a narrow hand position for the decline push up. For crazy intensity, add the spiderman push up to the decline push up.

To decrease intensity, do a split squat (don’t elevate your back foot) and add a regular or modified push up or incline push up.

Don’t let this serious side of Mike fool you, he’s all out crazy most of the time…he fooled my friend Sylvia and me into doing this silly finisher for a video:

Can you see why I love Big Mike? He’s a calorie free sweet and salty loveable combination.

Check out his workout finishers and start to burn fat and get ultra fit in as little as 6 min/day. Finishers are designed to be used with your regular program: they’re super fun and super challenging.

Mike explains how he uses unique “metabolic finishers” instead of boring cardio and even intervals. He gets asked “How do I replace intervals with metabolic finishers?”

Let’s say you are facing one of these problems:

1) You’re out of town and lacking equipment

2) You used to enjoy intervals, but you found yourself in a rut or you find yourself constantly sore from interval training

3) You can’t make it to the gym

OK, you usually do interval training at the end of your workout on the treadmill.  You are on a program where you run at a difficult pace (9/10 exertion) for 30 seconds, followed by 1 minute of recovery (3/10exertion).  You usually do this 6-8 times for a total of 9 to 12 minutes.  Here is how to replace that with a metabolic workout finisher:

Do the following circuit 3 – 4 times:

1) Prisoner Squats (30 secs)

Rest 10 secs

2) Spiderman Push-ups (30 secs)

Rest 10 secs

3) Jumping Jacks (30 secs)

Rest 10 secs

4) Mountain Climbers (30 secs)

Rest 30 secs

If you do the math, it takes just about the same amount of time to do the metabolic finisher above as it would to do the interval training.  It also doesn’t require equipment.

A)      You hit all major muscle groups, burning more calories (on the treadmill, the emphasis is on the legs and episodes of Judge Judy)

B)      You are spreading the exertion all over the body, which allows your legs to be more fresh at your next workout

C)      You did more in less time (my favorite)

Your legs will be fresher for your intense workouts and you will finally “finish” off that belly fat. Workout Finishers also bust through a plateau.  Besides, most interval training methods use the legs, so why not allow the rest of your body to help burn more fat in less time?

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Replace boring cardio and intervals.

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