Your Best Workout Schedule

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How often should I train? These are common questions I get asked:

How many days a week should I work out for maximum results?

How long should I work out at each session?

What is the ideal schedule for burning more fat?

Sometimes in an effort to get super fit, people put a wrench in their bodies ability to do just that. Most of you don’t have hours and hours to devote to training, and you don’t need it. As well, recovery is an important part of any training schedule.

My pal, Mike Whitfield and I were discussing the best blueprint for training, that is, the optimal schedule: the most bang for your buck in terms of time invested and results yielded. This is what we came up with….

The answer is quite simple, and it might even surprise you. You’re probably thinking, “at least 6 days per week”.

The truth is that you can actually get results in just 2-3 days per week, using metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers. You also may be surprised to learn that my pull up program makes use of metabolic resistance training principles. These are compound movements in super-set or circuit fashion with incomplete recovery. (My program is actually a FULL body program, not just a program that will jack your back.)

Mike has you covered with his metabolic finishers.

How Many Days Per Week to Work Out?
Ideally, a workout schedule of using metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers 3-4 days per week, while staying active on the other days is perfect.

MRT/Finisher workouts demand a lot from your body and central nervous system. If you were to perform these types of workouts 6 days per week, you would be burned out.

Because of the demand of these workouts, you need a day of active recovery and rest between sessions. This gives you a mental and physical break, allowing you to put in the best effort at each session.

So, to sum it up, the most days you need to be in the gym is 4 days per week for optimal performance, avoiding burn-out and avoid over-training.

challenge workouts

This is the ideal schedule for optimal performance and fat burning. You’ll get amazing results with a good diet and this schedule:

The Ideal Metabolic Resistance Training Schedule
Monday – MRT Workout with a Finisher
Tuesday – Stay Active
Wednesday – MRT Workout with a Finisher
Thursday – Stay Active
Friday – MRT Workout with a Finisher
Saturday – Stay Active
Sunday – Stay Active (optional)

As you can see, you are working out 3 days per week with a day of rest between sessions. You’re not living at the gym, but getting enough stimulus to get results.

How Long Should My Workouts Be?
My clients as well as myself are in AND out of the gym in 45 minutes. Honestly, most of them are done in 35 minutes. That’s right, 35 minutes.

Here’s how you do it:

5-Minute Warm-up – using bodyweight exercises (leave the treadmill to the guinea pigs). This will get your body in beast mode faster than a boring 5 minute walk.

25-30 Minutes of Metabolic Resistance Training –  Use big, compound movements in superset or circuit fashion with incomplete recovery, like my pull up program.

4-10 Minute Metabolic Workout Finisher – Finish strong with uber amounts of sweat.

Done and done. You’re out the door and on with other fun things in your day (after a shower of course).

Metabolic Finishers replace cardio and even intervals in just a fraction of the time, but you get the same results.

That’s the perfect workout schedule that Big Mike and I have come up with.

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