Challenge Workout: 100 Reps

100 is a pretty cool number for a challenge workout. I sort of like doing 100 reps of different things.

Today it was the squat. I wanted to see if I could beat my time from this workout here.

challenge workout squat

I had that sickly nauseated feeling in the pit of my belly as I warmed up for the workout. I knew I’d be hurting shortly.

This workout was a challenge as well because I’ve been rehab-ing my knee (torn meniscus) and I didn’t know how it would feel. It’s been feeling better and better from cycling, stretching and foam rolling, (more on this in another post soon) but I didn’t know how it’d feel after 100 reps.

So the workout is simple: get 100 reps with your body weight on the bar for time.

That meant 125 lbs on the bar and I knew I had to beat my previous time of 13:10 min.

In the first workout, I decided to tackle 100 reps in 5 sets of 20 reps.

This time, I did it in 4 sets. I just went slowly and kept pounding out the reps: 40, 30, 20 then 10. I had a mental plan to do it this way and even though I wanted to quit after 20 reps each set, I was like the little engine that could…I wouldn’t let myself rack the bar.

challenge workout


Did I beat my time?

You bet:

challenge workout squat to 100


So what about you? Up for a challenge? I’ll tell you that I’m almost 50 years old and I still push the envelop. It makes me feel alive. I get that ‘I can do anything’ feeling after beating a previous PR (personal best).

You’ll feel empowered too.

Need some challenges? My pull up program is a great start, a long with lots of the workouts on the blog here. Feel free to share the results you get with this workout.

Let’s challenge and inspire each other.