4 Tips to Beach Ready in No Time

Okay ladies, here’s the deal. It’s summer. And maybe some of you missed out on the memo back in March that it was time to start getting regular workout to get that killer summer bod you’ve been forever dreaming about. Maybe some of you also missed out on the memo for April…and May… and the first half of June. But fear not! I have a few quick tips to kick start your fat loss and waste minimal time doing it. Make these minor adjustments, and you’ll be rocking the beach in no time.

home workouts for women over 40



1)      Do total body workouts

Why? Because you ignite your metabolism and get more done in less time. Try organizing your workout in a circuit like fashion, alternating between upper body and lower body exercises. This way, your lower body will get to rest during your upper body exercises and vice versa. Another tip in organizing your workouts: do your hardest moves at the beginning when you’re still fresh. Here’s an example:

  • Sumo squats (20)
  • DB rows (10 per arm)
  • Single arm DB chest press (10/side)
  • Ab wheel roll out (12)



2)      Replace cardio with workout finishers

How many of you knew cardio can actually lead to weight gain? Scary thought, I know. It turns out that doing cardio actually increases your appetite. So let’s say you burn 200 calories walking on the treadmill and reading People magazine, but you eat an additional 300 calories throughout the day because your appetite increased. Well it doesn’t take a mathematician to realize you’re actually working backwards on your goals. If you’re one of the people who would rather take two steps forward rather than two steps back, let me introduce you to one of my best friends: the workout finisher. The concept of a workout finisher is to combine the metablic effect of interval training while using exercises that don’t require cardio equipment. My personal fave?  The burpee.  This high intensity movement takes a fraction of the time that cardio does, but is so much more effective.

home workouts for women over 40



3)      Switch the single limb exercises

Here’s another sure way to burn more calories: start doing single limb exercises. For example, instead of doing a traditional squat, try doing a split squat. These are more calorie expensive, requiring more work from the body – not only does it require strength, it also requires stabilization from your core in order to balance the uneven distribution of weight. A core AND a leg exercise all in one? Check. You’re welcome.

home workouts for women over 40



4)      Stay active on your days off

Before you hate me for saying this, let me reassure you that I’m not encouraging you workout on your day off. We all need a break from training sometimes, or else we burn out. Remember, we want our bodies to look and feel great over a long period of time, and in order to do this we need to let our bodies recover. This doesn’t mean however, that I’m encouraging you to sit and watch “Real Housewives of Orange County” ALL DAY LONG either. Instead, try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of an activity you enjoy into your days off. Anything from playing with your kids, taking your dog for a walk, or even shopping with some girlfriends counts. As long as you’re burning more calories than you would if I were encouraging you to sit at home and watch TV all day – you’re golden.

home workouts for women over 40



Now that I’ve let you in on some of my little secrets, keep in mind that you still have time to get that killer bod before you have to face the beach. So get going! Try these four easy modifications and see how much progress you can make.